Girl, You Deserve It!

I am a divorced single mom of  four of the world’s greatest children.  I have been raising them on my own for the last nine years.  It has been difficult navigating as a single woman in my career, the dating scene, and my financial life.  

I have struggled financially for most of those years, and am now starting to get a handle on my finances.  I have many friends who have watched my journey and feel that I deserve all the good God has to give. We think that about all of our good friends, right?

Chile, You Don’t Need A Credit Card!

This blog post was initially going to be about the necessity of a credit card.  I experienced an incident with my daughter at a local car rental place that left me feeling that credit cards were essential.

I was never so disgusted when my eldest daughter, who does not have a credit card, reserved a car and was given such a hassle when she wanted to pay with her debit card.  They required bills in her name and an additional security deposit just to use her debit card!

Who’s Money Is It Anyway?

Why are more Americans in debt and financially fragile despite the many money management programs and services? Why are credit repair agencies, debt consolidation companies, and bankruptcies on the rise?

Everyone has heard of the phrase, “you reap what you sow.” That phrase is an agreed upon spiritual law from people of all religious groups. The phrase reminds us that you must put something in the ground to see a harvest. Thus, to see harvest in your financial life, you must give.

5 Credit Report Myths

According to Experian’s sixth annual State of Credit report the average Vantage credit score of Jacksonville Florida residents is 654 on a scale of 300 to 850. The Vantage credit score’s national average is 673 on a scale of 300 to 850. The above scores rank fair on the credit rating scale.

Understanding how credit scores are developed elude most people. Unfortunately,  people don’t want to admit that fair/poor credit is attributed to a lack of education regarding how money management decisions affects creditworthiness.