5 Proven Ways to Stop Broke-i$m!

How to Relieve Financial Stress

Poverty is a mindset, but Broke-i$m! is a situation.  Are you tired of doing the same thing and getting the same results? Are you disgusted that your credit score is so low that it is embarrassing to think about applying for a credit card or a mortgage?

I totally understand!

Stop Broke-i$m! was created for just those reasons. I was so disgusted that I worked daily, had a couple of college degrees, got paid a livable wage, but my personal finances were a complete embarrassment!!  Sure, I looked great-had the latest handbags, jewelry, and clothing, but if my bank account balance or credit score became public knowledge, I would be forced to go into hiding-Forever!

How to Raise Financially Responsible Children

6 Money Tips for Kids

According to a Pew research study, 61% of parents have provided some form of financial support to their adult children.  Many parents feel obligated to financially helping their children. And depending on the situation, that is a correct way to think.

It is not easy to completely stop helping your children financially, especially when situations happen beyond their control.  There are some situations when providing financial help is necessary, and other situations when helping is handicapping.  You must understand the difference- and most times we do, we just love our children and want to see them succeed.

How to Handle Money Moochers

6 Tactful Ways to Say No

Do you have a problem with people wanting to borrow money? Would you like to learn how to say no and not feel guilty? 

Money Moochers are people who frequently ask for a money to solve their unforeseen emergency.

If you are on the path to debt-freedom, or just trying to save for your own potential emergency, it can be difficult to say no to someone you care about when they ask for money.