4 Reasons Why You’re Broke


More than have of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  A good friend of mine coined this paycheck to paycheck lifestyle “Broke-i$m!”  Not having enough money to meet ones needs for the entire month is disheartening, trust me I know the feeling.  However, millions of Americans live this way.

Why do we have numerous educational institutions, millions of people with college degrees and vocational certificates, but unable to make their paychecks last an entire month?

There is a saying, “it’s not how much you make, but how much you keep,” and the struggle to keep it is real!

 Four reasons why you are broke.

  1. Your belief system is keeping you broke.  We are accustomed to not having enough money to last throughout the month.  I’ve heard comments such as, “I’ll never make enough”, “I’ll always have a car payment”, and the worst phrase yet, “I will always be in debt.”  Your financial situation will change when your belief system changes.  You’ve heard the saying, “As a Man Thinks, So Is He.”  Change your beliefs, change your life-financially, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.


  1. Your words are keeping you broke. To be honest, you have what you say, and you say what you believe.  Once you change your belief system, your words should follow.  Continuously repeating how broke you are, and how you will always be in debt, trains your mind to believe it and your actions will soon follow.  I can’t stress this enough, stop repeating the situation.  Say what you want.


  1. Too much television is keeping you broke.  Broke people typically spend lots of time in front of the television instead of spending time on personal and professional development activities.  Wealthy people spend less than one hour per day watching television.  Remember the people you are watching on television are wealthy, not you.


  1. You do not have a budget. If a corporation has a budget, what makes you think  you don’t need one?  Wealthy people live on a budget.   If you do not have enough money at the end of the month you have an income problem, a spending problem or both; a budget will reveal the root cause.  I know it’s difficult, but it’s better to know where your money is going than to wonder where it went.

Changing your belief system, your words, limiting television time, and developing and living on a budget are not habits of broke people.  Why not give them a try?

For help eliminating the cycle of Broke-i$m!-contact us, we’d love to help. Email: DrApril@Broke-ism.com



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