5 Proven Ways to Stop Broke-i$m!

Poverty is a mindset, but Broke-i$m! is a situation.  Are you tired of doing the same thing and getting the same results? Are you disgusted that your credit score is so low that it is embarrassing to think about applying for a credit card or a mortgage?[featured-image link=”http://broke-ism.com/?p=634&preview=true” link_single=”inherit” single_newwindow=”false”]

I totally understand!

Stop Broke-i$m! was created for just those reasons. I was so disgusted that I worked daily, had a couple of college degrees, got paid a livable wage, but my personal finances were a complete embarrassment!!  Sure, I looked great-had the latest handbags, jewelry, and clothing, but if my bank account balance or credit score became public knowledge, I would be forced to go into hiding-Forever!

If that is you, please do not worry; It is here that we can be transparent, and honest with ourselves.  However, transparency and honesty are just not enough, we must DO something to change our situation!

We cannot continue to avoid working on this pivotal area of our lives, hoping for a miracle or financial windfall. We must stop the madness! If you are sick and tired of being broke, incurring overdraft fees, being late on bills, negotiating with creditors, and just not having enough, this is for you.

Below are five suggestions to begin the journey to Stop Broke-i$m!

  • Realize that Broke-i$m! is a situation. The first step to change is acknowledging that there is a problem. Broke-i$m! is a situation that does not have to last forever.

You can Stop Broke-i$m! You have the power and resources to change the situation. Philippians 4:13 says that YOU can do ALL things through Christ!   When I would cry and complain about my problems, my mother would say, with such conviction, “this too shall pass.” Do not let the situation overwhelm you. It will pass.

  • Do things differently. It is important to be honest with yourself about the situation. Did you contribute to the problem? Is this a circumstance outside of your control?  Your response to these questions reveals the ownership and opens the door to strategies needed to make changes.

If you were the cause, then write down what you could have done differently, and the changes you will make to prevent the reoccurrence. If it is outside your control, write down how, and ask God for wisdom about how to handle things. In both situations, honesty with yourself and God will be key to changing your circumstances.

  • Get help. Women like to talk-mostly to one another. We are communicators.  However, for some reason we do not share our money woes with our sisters.  Depending on your comfort level, it is not always best.  I find that when I do the things listed above, and tell God the mistakes I made, as well as, share the situations outside my span of control, He gives me peace, and answers.

Before trying to apply for loans, credit cards and do it your way to offset the financial crunch, go before God in prayer and tell Him the situation. He knows already, and guarantees a way of escape. 

Thereafter, get some natural help-as divinely directed. Join a support group or get a financial counselor that can serve as a accountability partner; athletes do it, CEO’s of corporations do it, why not you?!  Sure, it costs, but would you rather pay now or pay later?

  • Go back to the foundation. Business icons such as, Zig Ziglar, and John Maxwell recommend that we improve upon foundational concepts to experience success. Their books and seminars advise entrepreneurs and leaders to master the basics; so, it is with your finances.

Budgeting is a foundational concept that yields financial success-it is proven. Successful corporations and millionaires, whether they are business owners or just working people, who have financial freedom, tout the importance of living on a budget. If you do not have or live on a budget, start now!   It is not restrictive; it gives you complete control over how to spend your money.

Mastery comes from repetitiveness; keep trying despite the results.  You will get the hang of it.

  • Hang out with like-minded people. The legendary Jim Rohn said, you are the sum of your five closest friends. If you are on a journey, be it spiritual, physical, or financial, make sure your close circle is on a similar path.  You want to be around people who support your journey, will be honest with you, and want to see you succeed.  If you are trying to become debt-free or build your credit, and your current relationships do not support those goals-move on. You ain’t got time for that!

For help and encouragement toward your financial goals, or interested in joining the Financial Support Group to Stop Broke-i$m!, email DrApril@Broke-ism.com.

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