4 Reasons Why You’re Broke

Ways To Stop The Vicious Cycle


More than have of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  A good friend of mine coined this paycheck to paycheck lifestyle “Broke-i$m!”  Not having enough money to meet ones needs for the entire month is disheartening, trust me I know the feeling.  However, millions of Americans live this way.

Why do we have numerous educational institutions, millions of people with college degrees and vocational certificates, but unable to make their paychecks last an entire month?

How to Raise Financially Responsible Children

6 Money Tips for Kids

According to a Pew research study, 61% of parents have provided some form of financial support to their adult children.  Many parents feel obligated to financially helping their children. And depending on the situation, that is a correct way to think.

It is not easy to completely stop helping your children financially, especially when situations happen beyond their control.  There are some situations when providing financial help is necessary, and other situations when helping is handicapping.  You must understand the difference- and most times we do, we just love our children and want to see them succeed.

How to Handle Money Moochers

6 Tactful Ways to Say No

Do you have a problem with people wanting to borrow money? Would you like to learn how to say no and not feel guilty? 

Money Moochers are people who frequently ask for a money to solve their unforeseen emergency.

If you are on the path to debt-freedom, or just trying to save for your own potential emergency, it can be difficult to say no to someone you care about when they ask for money.

Money Talk With Your Significant Other

How to Merge Love with Money

The word love is one of the most used words in the English language. Love causes people to marry and pledge “till death do us part.” It is reported that 88% of couples marry because of love.  

Couples are encouraged to attend pre-marital counseling after the marriage proposal to ensure compatibility and discuss issues that will arise in the relationship.  It is in pre-marital counseling that topics like blending families, sexual habits/expectations, and finances are discussed.

Just Say No

How to Tame Your Child's Financial Desires

You’ve heard that idle hands are the devil’s workshop? As a single parent, I’ve always kept my children involved in activities. Their activities ranged from acting to swimming, basketball to lacrosse.

Activities prevented idleness, promoted socialization, and teamwork. However, those activities came with a hefty price of time and money; and it was stressful!

Got Refund Check-itis?

How to Spend Your Tax Refund

Do you have “Refund Check-itis?” Do you intend on making a large purchase or taking a dream vacation with your refund check?

Do you plan to buy a new or newer car to replace the POT (Piece of Trash) you are currently driving ?  I hate to break it to you girlfriend, but those should not be your goals if you are in any of the two categories below:

Girl, You Deserve It!

I am a divorced single mom of  four of the world’s greatest children.  I have been raising them on my own for the last nine years.  It has been difficult navigating as a single woman in my career, the dating scene, and my financial life.  

I have struggled financially for most of those years, and am now starting to get a handle on my finances.  I have many friends who have watched my journey and feel that I deserve all the good God has to give. We think that about all of our good friends, right?

Women & Money:

5 Steps to Overcoming Money Woes

The Department of Labor indicated that 57% of all women are in the workforce and 70% of them are mothers with children under the age of 18. These staggering numbers reveal that women are more responsible than ever for making the financial decisions.

Women are now charged with financial decisions such as, making  large purchases (real estate, vehicle), planning for retirement and college, as well as managing their daily finances.