5 Proven Ways to Stop Broke-i$m!

How to Relieve Financial Stress

Poverty is a mindset, but Broke-i$m! is a situation.  Are you tired of doing the same thing and getting the same results? Are you disgusted that your credit score is so low that it is embarrassing to think about applying for a credit card or a mortgage?

I totally understand!

Stop Broke-i$m! was created for just those reasons. I was so disgusted that I worked daily, had a couple of college degrees, got paid a livable wage, but my personal finances were a complete embarrassment!!  Sure, I looked great-had the latest handbags, jewelry, and clothing, but if my bank account balance or credit score became public knowledge, I would be forced to go into hiding-Forever!

Trusting God With Your Finances

The Mystery of the Tithe

Ladies, I cannot begin to articulate how I have struggled to trust God in the handling of money. In fact, a study revealed that women are more stressed about their finances than men. Let me share a brief story.

Not long ago I became ill. I procrastinated making a doctor’s appointment because I calculated how much it would cost for the appointment and medication.

Who’s Money Is It Anyway?

Why are more Americans in debt and financially fragile despite the many money management programs and services? Why are credit repair agencies, debt consolidation companies, and bankruptcies on the rise?

Everyone has heard of the phrase, “you reap what you sow.” That phrase is an agreed upon spiritual law from people of all religious groups. The phrase reminds us that you must put something in the ground to see a harvest. Thus, to see harvest in your financial life, you must give.