Ms. Marjorie Phoenix, author of Who The Hell Do You Think You Are, and Non-Profit Founder of The Forgotten Women Project

In the brief amount of time I have known April she has poured so much into my life.  I have watched and admired her for sometime, and finally decided she was the kind of woman I want as mentor as I completed my college degree, build my non-profit business, and get a handle on my finances.  Her combination of education, insight and godly wisdom has given me confidence and direction in my life.  She has become a trusted advisor and a friend.


Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Elizabeth Petersen

April helped my husband and I get life insurance that we could afford adding our children on it.  She came to us and sat with us and answered all and any questions we had.

She was patient and non-judgemental, she actually cared for us.  And a year later she has come by our house to follow up and make sure everything is still good.

Workshop Testimonials

“Thank you for all of the good advice”~V. Taylor

“Outstanding Advice”~P. Wolfe

Focused, important.  Clear call to action. ~R.Richardson

“Very engaging.  I feel more literate…Very interested in the next session.~ E.T.

“Knowledgeable, personable.~K. Lewis.

“I enjoyed the many different examples during the presentation.” ~C. Welch

“Beyond Expectations”~ A. Boney