Trusting God With Your Finances

Ladies, I cannot begin to articulate how I have struggled to trust God in the handling of money. In fact, a study revealed that women are more stressed about their finances than men. Let me share a brief story.[featured-image link=”” link_single=”inherit” single_newwindow=”false”]Not long ago I became ill. I procrastinated making a doctor’s appointment because I calculated how much it would cost for the appointment and medication. I knew that I had other more pressing financial obligations and felt I could use home remedies and over the counter medication to get better. Unfortunately, the illness persisted, and I reluctantly made an appointment. Not only was I physically sick, but then I became emotionally stressed. I was concerned about what was actually wrong with me, and how much it would cost to get the much needed treatment-which could potentially bust my budget.

As I sat in the doctor’s office waiting room, I checked my bank account online. I was shocked to find that a deposit was made into my account for the double the anticipated amount. I just sat and smiled. I then began to cry. I realized how I did not trust God to care for me in this situation. Oh, I prayed before making the appointment, and I spoke to God about my financial situation, but I was still in fear, worried about how I would fair financially after getting the much needed medical attention; but God had it all under control!

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Beloved, the Bible is clear, God cares about what concerns you, Psalm 138:8. This was a reminder that I should not worry about my financial situation. That does not mean become reckless, it means when you’ve done all that you can, even before doing all that you can, TRUST GOD; particularly, when it appears that you will be at negative zero, just TRUST GOD. Below are a few tips I use to help me in the handling of money. I am more free in this area than I’ve been in my entire life!

  1. It is not our money. I know this sounds odd because the world tells you that it’s your paycheck because you are the one going to work every day. However, we own nothing. Psalm 24:1-2 is clear, The earth is the Lord’s and all its fullness. It is His money, He is just entrusting us to use it as seed and bread. Understanding that it is not your money, refocuses your vision from you to Him.
  2. The Bible is clear on this. Giving allows you to receive. Again, giving before you pay your bills allows you to focus your attention on God, others, and then yourself. It is when you give that you will realize a return; not only is this a Biblical principle, it is one used in the world. We are not to pattern our lives like the world, but the law of sowing and reaping is natural.   Many scriptures encourage use to give FIRST. Luke 6:38, Psalm 126:5-6, 2 Corinthians 9:6-11. Moreover, God’s Word requires us to return a tithe, one-tenth of what we receive. When we submit and apply these principles Malachi 3:8-12, God promises to provide, in His timing.
  1. I am certain that saving for a rainy day is a familiar slogan to you. The Bible is clear about this is well. You must put something aside to plan for emergencies, retirement, and your children’s education. In Proverbs 6:6-8, King Solomon advises us to behave like the ant. Ants gather their food in the off-season in preparation for the winter, which is when that they cannot move about as frequently. We must do the same.
  1. Developing a plan for how you will spend money is essential. The Bible is clear that we should make a plan, but ultimately it is God who directs our steps Proverbs 16:9. In planning, we must be flexible. We must trust God in the planning, but most importantly trust Him in the directing.
  1. Pray. Communicate with God about your financial situation. He already knows, but praying is a way of acknowledging your complete dependence on Him for the direction and answer. Prayer also takes the burden off of you! It frees your mind and heart from worry and undue stress. He wants you to hand it over to Him because only He through the Holy Spirit will give you the peace and provision needed.

My sisters, I doubt that we will get everything completely accurate because if so we would not need our Awesome God. However, I have found complete freedom in utilizing the above-mentioned steps. I pray that as you navigate in the world financially, you trust our Most Awesome God I am confident you will not go wrong.

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